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Solitaire Till Dawn
Snow Leopard  -  Lion  -  Mountain Lion  -  Mavericks  -  Yosemite  -  El Capitan  -  Sierra

Also available for iPad


Solitaire Till Dawn, first published in 1991, is now available for all modern Macintosh computers, and all versions of Mac OS X and macOS from Snow Leopard up to the newest Sierra.


Décor OptionsShow

Choose from:

  • Six different card sizes (from "Itsy" to "Huge")
  • Three different Royalty designs: Traditional, Fine Art, and Art Deco
  • 18 cardback designs
  • Create your own cardback art from your photos
  • More than 30 window background patterns
  • Or use your own photo as a window background

Animation options include a speed control, from leisurely to snappy. You can also choose to skip some longer animations, if you prefer not to wait through them.


Some of the card sizes and royalty images available in Solitaire Till Dawn

Game Play OptionsShow

You can turn these on or off individually, to suit your own style of play:

  • Early-win detection (so you don't have to play every last card)
  • Tell Me When I'm Stuck
  • Highlight playable cards
  • Auto-play cards to the goal piles
  • Smart Cards and keyboard shortcuts reduce mousing and dragging
  • Sound effects

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Purchasing Solitaire Till Dawn

You can buy Solitaire Till Dawn from the Mac App Store by clicking the button below:

Solitaire Till Dawn costs US $9.99. In other countries the price will vary.

Older Versions

The App Store version of Solitaire Till Dawn requires Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or later, and a Mac with a 64-bit Intel processor. We are no longer selling earlier versions of Solitaire Till Dawn. But if you have previously purchased an earlier version and just need to download it again, you may do so by clicking one of the links below:

Mac OS X (up to 10.6.8)     Classic Mac OS (7, 8, 9)