Rules for The Wish

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Categories: Simple, Small, Short, Pretty, Easy to Win
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Here’s a very simple game, suitable for children or for adults who want to rest their minds. Tradition says that you can make a wish on a won game.


Remove all Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, and Sixes from your deck and discard them, keeping the Aces and the Sevens through Kings. Shuffle those cards and lay them out in eight tableau piles of four cards each, face up and squared.


Pairs of cards that match in rank (such as two Sevens or two Kings) may be discarded. (In Solitaire Till Dawn, drag a card and drop it on a matching card, and both will be discarded automatically.)


The goal is to discard all 32 cards.


There are two pairs for every rank: that is, two pairs of Kings, two pairs of sevens, and so on. Try to remember which ones you have already discarded. If you have already discarded one pair of Kings, then it is safe to discard the other pair. If not, you might want to wait and see whether you should pair them up differently.

Empty piles are useless. Don’t discard the last card in a pile until you have no other choice.

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