Rules for Whitehead

Family: Klondike
Variants: Whitehead Easy
Also Known As:  

Whitehead is another member of the Klondike family, with some of the flavor of Spider.


There are four foundations, which are initially empty. There are seven tableau piles, fanned down. The first tableau starts with one card, the second with two cards, and so on to the seventh, which starts with seven cards. All tableau cards are face up. The remaining cards are kept face down in the hand.


Tableaus build down, following color (red on red and black on black). Full builds in suit are available for play on other tableaus. The top card of the wastepile may also be built onto the tableaus. Only Kings or builds whose bottom card is a King may be played to an empty tableau pile.

Foundations build up in suit. Top cards of tableaus and wastepile are available for building onto the foundations. Only an Ace may be played to an empty foundation.


You may deal at any time by taking one card from the hand and turning it face up onto the wastepile. There are no redeals: when the hand is empty, dealing is no longer allowed.


The goal is to move all the cards onto the foundations.


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