Rules for Simple Addition

Family: The Wish
Categories: Simple, Short, Easy to Win
Also Known As: Thirteens

Simple Addition is a matching game with simple rules, suitable for children or adults on mental vacation. There is no strategy, but you can win as many as nine games in ten by sheer luck.


Shuffle the deck and lay out ten cards face up in two rows of five each. A discard pile begins the game empty. Keep the rest of the deck in your hand.


Pairs of available cards whose ranks add to 13 (for example Ace + Queen, or 5 + 8) may be picked up and discarded. Kings may be discarded singly. Refill empty piles immediately from the deck.

Solitaire Till Dawn will automatically discard matched pairs when you drop one card onto another.


The goal is to discard all cards.


There’s no strategy to this game except to pay attention and not miss any pairs or Kings.

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