Rules for Cotillion

Family: Quadrille
Categories: Simple, Two-Deck
Also Known As: Contradance

Cotillion is a simple game, but soothing to play and wins, although rare, will reward you with a view of all sixteen Kings and Queens.


Remove all 5’s and 6’s from a pair of decks, and lay them out face up in two rows. These are the sixteen foundations. Shuffle the remaining cards into a single deck.


The foundations that started with 6’s build up in suit to the Queen. Those that started with 5’s build down in suit to the Ace, and then the King can be played onto the Ace.


Deal one card at a time from the deck onto the discard pile. You may redeal once, by picking up the discard pile and turning it upside down to form a new deck. (Solitaire Till Dawn X will do this for you when the deck is empty.)


The goal is to move all the cards onto the foundations.


There’s not much to this game. Just pay attention and try not to miss any possible plays.

For those of you not offended by the suggestion, we will remind you that you can select Cheat > Another Redeal from the Play menu if you get stuck. This will allow you to collect the discard pile and turn it over more times than the rules really allow. Your game will be scored as a loss (this always happens when you use the Cheat menu on a game you haven’t already won) but you will be able to finish out your game and sneak into the Cotillion to see all the Kings and Queens at their dance.

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