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Solitaire Till Dawn
for iPad
All models  -  iOS 8.0 and later

Also available for macOS


Free Features

Available with in-app purchase:

Décor Options available with in-app purchaseShow

Choose from:

  • Three different Royalty designs: Traditional, Fine Art, and Art Deco
  • 18 cardback designs
  • More than 30 window background patterns
  • Or use your own photo as a window background

Animation options include a speed control, from leisurely to snappy.

Some of the royalty images available in Solitaire Till Dawn

Some of the cardback designs available in Solitaire Till Dawn

Game Play OptionsShow

You can turn these on or off individually, to suit your own style of play:

  • Early-win detection (so you don't have to play every last card)
  • Highlight playable cards
  • Auto-play cards to the goal piles
  • Sound effects

List of GamesShow

How to get Solitaire Till Dawn

You can get Solitaire Till Dawn from the App Store by clicking the button below:

Open the App Store on your iPad, and search for:

solitaire till dawn

Be sure you spell it correctly, please, or you might not find it!

Solitaire Till Dawn is free, and is ad-supported. With in-app purchases, you can stop seeing ads and enable more features.