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"Freakin' Awesome!"

"Beautifully organized and rendered ... In a nutshell, solitaire lovers:
Download now."
Chris Oakes,
MacUser Software Central

"Here is where the good solitaire games get separated from the great solitaire games. The interface was fantastic."
Gregory R. Birgfeld


"This game is beautifully implemented ... the perfect solution for anyone wanting to play Solitaire on their Mac"

"Imaginitive graphics are just one highlight of these games"
File Mine

Four Cows



Kids Domain

"Computer solitaire is the biggest blow to productivity that the world economy has ever seen (except for that pesky Black Death in the 14th century), and Solitaire Till Dawn does its part to bring slacking at work to the Mac."

"Solitaire Till Dawn is a great example of the many varieties of Solitaire... There's a reason he called it 'Solitaire Till Dawn!'"

"This is the all-time, drop-dead, must-have solitaire program"
Owen W. Linzmayer ,
Owen Ink

"You can't claim solitaire bragging rights until you've mastered the incredible variety of games in this package."
Liz Enbysk
ZDNet AnchorDesk

"My favorite gift this season is a piece of shareware called Solitaire Till Dawn ... I can spend hours playing it."
Harvey Barnett ,

"Here's a great all in one package of games"

Solitaire Till Dawn
for Mac OS 7, 8, and 9
Also available for modern Mac OS X
and for Mac OS X 10.5 and earlier

[Click here for a tour, with full-size screen shots]

Solitaire Till Dawn is the premiere shareware solitaire program for the Macintosh. It offers 40 different varieties of solitaire, with a simple drag-and-drop user interface and beautifully drawn cards. It has all the features you want in a solitaire program!

Solitaire Till Dawn is shareware. Download it and try it out for a week or two! If you don't like it, just throw it away. If you do like it, please support shareware and send in your payment; full instructions for payment are included in the package you download.

[Requirements ] [Features ] [List of Games ] [Tour ]
[Tips for Winning ] [Rules Online ] [More Links ]

Latest Version: Solitaire Till Dawn 4.0.1 for Classic Mac OS. Also available for modern Mac OS X

Requires: Mac OS 7, 8 or 9. Runs on any color-capable Macintosh.


  • Cards and Patterns - Choose from many different card designs and window background patterns.
  • Smart Cards - Just click a card to send it to its destination.
  • Tell Me When I'm Stuck - Notifies you when you've lost. Get on to the next game quickly!
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo - Take back moves as much as you like, even back to the start of the game! If you go back too far, just redo them again. Your move history is saved when you save a game, so you'll never lose it.
  • Save Games - Save your games in individual files whenever you like. Auto-saves your current game when you quit.
  • Scoring and Statistics - Automatically tracks your successes in each kind of solitaire. Stats and scores are customized for games with special scoring systems.
  • Online Rules - View a summary of the rules for each game, just by selecting Rules from a menu.
  • Magnetic Mouse - Play with almost no need to click the mouse or press a key. Great for RSI sufferers!

The Games

The games vary from the very simple to the very complex. Your favorites are here, along with some you may never have seen before. In fact, two of the games were invented especially for Solitaire Till Dawn! Some are easy to win, some almost impossible to win. Some require little or no strategy, for those times when you just want a little relaxation. Others offer great rewards to the strategic thinker, for those times when you want a challenge.

(Many solitaires have more than one name. For each game, we've listed all the alternate names that we know of.)

  • Accordion (Idle Year, Tower of Babel)
  • Aces High (Aces Up, Idiot's Delight)
  • Baker's Dozen
  • Beleaguered Castle
  • Bisley
  • Calculation (Progression)
  • Canfield (Fascination, Demon, Devil's Own; incorrectly called Klondike)
  • Chessboard (Fives)
  • Eight Off
  • Flower Garden (The Garden, Bouquet)
  • Fortress
  • Forty Thieves (Big Forty, Napoleon at St. Helena, Roosevelt at San Juan)
  • FreeCell
  • Golf
  • Grandfather's Clock
  • Grandma's Game
  • Klondike (Chinaman, Fascination, Triangle; incorrectly called Canfield)
  • Klondike (a different variant, with stricter rules)
  • La Belle Lucie (Alexander the Great, Clover Leaf, Midnight Oil, Three Shuffles and a Draw)
  • Manx
  • Miss Milligan
  • Montana (Gaps)
  • Mount Sunflower
  • Pyramid
  • Quadrille (Captive Queens, The Queen's Lace Handkerchief)
  • Spider
  • Spiderette
  • Tabby Cat
  • The Towers (Seahaven Towers)
  • The Wish
  • Thirteens by Randy Rasa
  • Trefoil
  • Yukon
  • Yukon (a different variant, with stricter rules)

Winning at Solitaire

Want to improve your solitaire scores?

"Winning at Solitaire" is a series of articles, each teaching the winning strategies for a particular kind of solitaire. Each article will include a sample game that you can load into Solitaire Till Dawn, one that's been played to a win by an expert. The article will explain the important moves and choices in the sample game, and you can watch the expert play the game while you read his notes on how he won.

Here's our list of articles, with more to come soon:

Rules for Solitaire

Full rules for all games in Solitaire Till Dawn are available here:
Rules for All Games

More Card Games

Here are links to some great solitaire and card game sites -- just in case Solitaire Till Dawn doesn't quite eat up all your spare time!

  • Solitaire Central -- A great site for solitaire, created and maintained by Randy Rasa. Solitaire Central has links to software for both Mac and Windows, links to solitaires you can play in your Web browser (Web TV users, try this!), links to rules for different solitaires, a bibilography, a glossary, and more. Solitaire Central is also host to Randy's own excellent solitaires for Windows and DOS.
  • The House of Cards -- Another of Randy Rasa's sites, with links for card games in general although the focus is still on solitaire.
  • The Game Cabinet -- Go here to learn about almost any kind of game. This site features non-computer board, card, and other kinds of games, both traditional and new. Here you'll find rules, lists, discussions, and many more pointers. And even a few pointers to computer implementations of some of these non-computer games!
  • Card Games , maintained by John McLeod, is a marvelous and comprehensive collection of information about card games, organized both by type and by name. Tile and Domino games are covered as well. John is actively collecting more information, so stop by and help him build!
  • Card Game Webwaves is Jouni Miettunen's collection of links to solitaire and card game Web sites. If you want more than just solitaire, or if your computer is not a Macintosh, look here. Jouni also offers rules for several interesting solitaires.
  • Pretty Good Solitaire -- Tom Warfield's shareware solitaire for Windows. 200 games in one program! Check this out if you or a friend need a good solitaire program for your Windows computer.
  • Virtual Cards is Griff Hazen's do-it-yourself game environment for Windows. Griff says you can create your own multi-player card games and play them with your friends.

Last Modified November 5 2014