Rules for Double Scorpion

Family: Yukon
Categories: Challenging, Rewarding, Two-Deck
Variants: Yukon, Russian Solitaire, Scorpion
Also Known As:  

Double Scorpion is a two-deck variant of Scorpion, which in turn is a variant of Russian Solitaire, and all are in the popular Yukon family of games. Double Scorpion is less challenging than single Scorpion, and most games can be won; but you may not find it easy!


There are ten tableau piles, fanned down. The first four contain 11 cards each, while the rest contain 10 cards each. (Unlike single Scorpion, all cards are laid out at the start.) In the leftmost five tableaus the bottom four cards are face-down; the rest are all face-up.


All face-up cards are available for moving among the tableaus, which build down following suit. The moved card and the rest of its fan all move together, even if they are not all in sequence. Only Kings or fans whose bottom card is a King may be played to an empty tableau pile.


The goal is to collect all the cards into eight piles, each pile consisting of thirteen cards in suit and in order from King down to Ace.


Reveal the face-down cards as soon as possible.

Exposing Aces (that are already face-up) is less useful than exposing other cards, because nothing can be played onto an Ace. However, such a move may be useful anyway, because splitting the column may open up other plays.

Remember that emptying a column will allow you to move a King there!

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