About Semicolon LLC

Purveyors of Fine Software
since 1987

Small Beginnings

Our company was founded in 1987, in San Jose CA, under its original name of "Semicolon Software". For a short time, we provided software consulting services, but soon returned to normal "day jobs" working for larger companies, such as Apple Computer, Adobe, and Taligent.

Our original logo is at the top of this page; as you can see, it was designed for low-resolution, 256-color displays!

Indie Developers

Semicolon Software then became the name for our spare-time business of writing and selling Macintosh software. Our first product was an exploration game titled "Scarab of RA", released in 1988. We went on to produce a couple of utility apps, most notably "The Tilery" which was a well-received application launcher and switcher for the classic Mac OS.

Solitaire Till Dawn

In 1991 we introduced Solitaire Till Dawn, which has been our premier product ever since. Solitaire Till Dawn has been under development for well over 20 years, and has received accolades from major reviewers every step of the way. The latest version for Mac OS X is available now from the App Store.

Semicolon LLC

In 2013 we retired from our day jobs to work on our own software full-time. We moved to Oregon and incorporated Semicolon Software under its current name, Semicolon LLC. Although our primary business is still Apple software, Semicolon LLC is now a general entertainment company that includes board game design and musical performance.

Will Semicolon LLC hire me?

We are a very small shop, and we don't need to expand at this time. We are not accepting applications for employment.

Can we hire Semicolon LLC to work for us?

We are sorry, but we do not work on commission and we are not interested in building other people's products. Thank you anyway for your interest!

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