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Multideck How-To Videos

Here are a few short videos to help you learn to use Multideck. Each one explains briefly how to use a particular feature of Multideck.

There are not many videos here yet but we intend to add more over time.

We recommend opening your browser window very wide to properly view these videos.

Getting Started

Video: Getting StartedShow

The basics of how to create a Multideck project.

Text Formatting

Video: Formatting Plain TextShow

How to set the font, size, style, color, and justification of text in a Plain Text item.

Graphic Controls

Video: Using Background ColorShow

How to use background color to highlight text and image items.

Advanced Topics

Video: Conditional Content: Using the #if statementShow

How to make the content of an item on a card depend on and respond to the content of a different item.