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Multideck Demo Projects

Here are a few demo projects to help you learn to use Multideck.

You will need a working copy of Multideck to get the most from these projects.

Each project is a folder containing a Multideck document, CSV file, and images as needed, along with a "READ ME" document to explain the demo and its files.

To download a demo project, click on its link. (If your browser does not automatically unpack the demo project into a folder, double-click the downloaded .zip file to unpack it.)

The Basics

Getting Started

(Requires Multideck 1.3 or later.)

A quick tour of Multideck's basic features, including plain and rich text, images and image matrices, and how to write a CSV file.

Download the Getting Started demo project.

Styles and Series

The One-Line Poker Deck: Using Styles and Series

(Requires Multideck 1.4 or later.)

This project can print an entire 52-card poker deck from a single line of CSV. It demonstrates how to use the Styles and Series features.

Download the One-Line Poker Deck demo project.